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Modern Combat 5 eSports FPS

More about Modern Combat 5


Modern Combat 5 is a first-person shooter game for the android platform. It requires a stable internet connection to load and play and without the internet, you cannot play the game. Users can enjoy the single-player story mode or hop in to play multiplayer mode with players from around the globe.

The realistic nature of this game is first rate because of the way that the game is created by Gameloft. There are not a ton of in-application buys that you find with other FPS games. The buy prompts generally spring up to purchase ability focuses that can be utilized to purchase boxes and update plans. Movement will be brought together between single-player and multiplayer. That implies that experience and things opened in one mode move to the next mode, which will be incredible for players who favor one to the next.

Your player develops and opens new things as the game advances. So in the event that you wanna have better hardware you should play for it. What’s more, as you progress you will open class-explicit abilities by procuring and spending Skill Points.


Modern Combat 5 Controls and Game Modes

The on-screen control plans depend on double thumbsticks course of action. Drag on the left half of the screen to stroll forward/in reverse and barrage side to side, and utilize the correct side to point. You can say that the controls are practically indistinguishable from PUBG versatile for android telephones.

Single Player Story Mode

The story mode happens across six distinct zones including a Buddhist sanctuary, a clamoring city, and an army installation. Every zone has 3 phases with 4-6 missions each. Finishing every mission will empower you to progress forward. Every Modern Combat 5 mission is generally about enduring and sorting out the psychological militant thought processes. There are speedy missions en route that may call upon you to cover your group from an expert rifleman roost, break and clear a couple of rooms, kill an objective, or salvage a prisoner.

Things can be improved by adding a few more details to the single-player storyline.


Multiplayer mode is pretty straight forward in Modern Combat 5. Players start off with arbitrary mode just while different stages open as you progress. Multiplayer modes include:

  • Free for All
  • Team Battle
  • Capture the Flag
  • Zone Control
  • Pro Tournament
  • Rush


You can visit with different players and have a crew game against other online players. To download the game simply click on the download button above. Remember to leave your game details in the remarks area underneath.


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