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Marvel Realm of Champions APK

Marvel Realm of Champions APK 0.1.0

Marvel Realm of Champions APK cover

Join with superheroes to protect the world in Marvel Realm of Champions APK, the latest game of the publisher Kabam Games. Download the game via the link below the article.

Overview information

Name Marvel Realm of Champions
Package com.kabam.realm
Publisher Kabam Games
Version 0.1.0 (Latest)
Size 849M
MOD Features No
Requires Android 8.0

Introduce about Marvel Realm of Champions

After the successes achieved from Marvel Contest of Champions, Kabam Games continues to build its brand and expand the market on mobile platforms. Marvel Realm of Champions is the achievement that the whole team has been trying to develop for a long time. And now, when it is released, it is winning the hearts of many gamers.

If you are a fan of Marvel, this game is worth your time. And before we learn about the gameplay, we will summarize the exciting and fictional plot of Marvel Realm of Champions!


The plot of Marvel Realm of Champions begins with the fact that the Hulk is cloned. It was an evil version, called Maestro. He built a world full of war called Battleworld, which merging multiple timelines, and it is maintained by rules set by the Maestro.

However, Maestro was assassinated in a secret way. And that event caused Battleworld to lose the rules, along with the break of timelines. That has caused chaos, affecting other worlds.

Now, Battleworld needed a new master. This throne will go to the champion, and can you afford it?


If you have experienced MARVEL Future Fight, you will be approaching Marvel Realm of Champions quickly.

Marvel Realm of Champions gameplay

This game still includes two elements of action and role-playing, you will control your group of three to go conquer the bases across the entire Battleworld.

Marvel Realm of Champions builds bases according to the checkpoint mechanism. Winning the current base will bring your team to the next checkpoint, and gameplay goes the same throughout Battleworld. Of course, some special checkpoints will be harder when the Boss appears. But don’t worry, if you fail, you can play again at the nearest checkpoint. So, you can unleash your new tactics and style creation!

Combine and customize characters

Marvel Realm of Champions is a role-playing game, but not one person, but a group. You must combine each character you have into a group before starting the match.

Marvel Realm of Champions characters

The character system in Marvel Realm of Champions is designed in detail and is closely linked with each other. The party will receive support for strength, defense, agility or any other attribute when they are able to assist each other in battle. Iron Man, Hulk, Spider-Man will be a great team.

Characters can also be customized. This customization will change appearance, through equipment and outfits. These include armor, hats, glasses, shoes, shirts, pants and more. Some premium models can be purchased and paid with cash.

Equipment upgrades

Equipped well enough will increase stats and improve your character’s abilities. This is a must-have element if you want to go further in the journey to conquer Marvel Realm of Champions. The opponents are constantly improving their intelligence, strength and health. A team with good skills, but not strong enough, is also difficult to overcome checkpoint, or with more difficulty and time.

Marvel Realm of Champions screenshot

There are hundreds of types of equipment in this game. You can collect them through battles and rewards. Then equip your characters, and upgrade them to become more powerful.

The upgrade process does not require many complicated materials, mainly using gold coins, gems and accompanied by level conditions.

Epic Multiplayer mode

Besides the developer’s storyline experience, you probably want to show off more of your skills and fighting abilities. Epic Multiplayer real-time mode is where you are looking. There, all real players in the system can meet and compete with each other.

You will have to defeat the opponent’s group of characters to win. Of course, a reversal is entirely possible, if you know how to coordinate the characters and their attributes to gain an advantage.

In addition, winning will give you ranking points. Marvel Realm of Champions will statistical the ranking every week. Those with good achievements will be honored and rewarded.

How to install Marvel Realm of Champions APK + OBB

  1. Download Marvel Realm of Champions APK and OBB files at APKMODY.
  2. Extract the file “com.kabam.realm.zip”.
  3. Copy the folder “com.kabam.realm” to the folder “Android/obb”.
  4. Install the APK file.

Download Marvel Realm of Champions APK for Android

Marvel Realm of Champions is the sequel to the series that explores the content and characters in the Marvel universe of Kabam Games. They really know how to combine elements to make a great product. You can download it for a more realistic experience.


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