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KUBOOM MOD APK 4.01 (Unlocked)


KUBOOM MOD APK (Unlocked) – Have you ever thought that Minecraft will have a shooter mode? Box-shaped characters instead of exploiting maps or building works will hold the hand of ultra-modern guns fighting for life?

Overview information

Package com.Nobodyshot.kuboom
Version 4.01 (Latest)
Size 51M
MOD Features Unlocked
Requires Android 4.1


That dream will now be realized through a game from the Nobodyshot publisher. As soon as it was released in September 2016 on both Android and iOS, the game has received a lot of attention from experts besides very good comments about this game. Up to now, KUBOOM has achieved more than 10 million players on Android.


Basically, KUBOOM doesn’t have much difference from other shooters like Critical Ops or N.O.V.A. Legacy. The familiar first-person view (FPS), the virtual button moves at the corner, and basic operations are to shoot, jump, and reload bullets at the right corner of the screen. In addition, this game has a slower pace when compared to regular shooter games, which helps you integrate better.

KUBOOM control

What makes KUBOOM different from the rest is that the graphics system is designed based on unique ideas. The characters in the game are completely designed according to LEGO square blocks, the only thing commonly seen in Minecraft. This can be seen as an interesting combination between Minecraft and Counter Strike – the legendary shooter on PC that has been attached to generations. Therefore, if you are a fan of both games, KUBOOM is the choice that you can’t miss.

Weapons and skins

KUBOOM gives people an experience of a huge arsenal of weapons including different types of rifles, sniper rifles, pistols, knives … At the present time, the total has all about more than 50 specialized weapons. And this number is still on the rise. Use weapons in a flexible, accurate way at the right time are what you have to learn.

KUBOOM weapons

Not stopping there, KUBOOM also allows players to freely choose the skins they bring. In addition to the basic outfits like clothes of the blue team, the red team, you can choose the best outfits for your own personality, such as an alien outfit is not a bad choice.

KUBOOM skins

By taking part in PvP matches, you will receive a certain amount of money after each game. Use that money to buy the necessary equipment for yourself such as weapons, gun accessories: reduce the bar, grip, handle … or the external appearance for the character. There are hundreds of worthwhile accessories waiting for you.


In KUBOOM, players around the world can compete together in different arenas. There are over 20 maps and 3 main game modes including Death Match, Team Death Match, and Boom. Players will be put into real bloodthirsty battlefields, everyone can be killed. Only the best can win. Besides, in Team Death Match mode, you can invite friends, colleagues or even your girlfriend to have fun moments.


Funny 3D Graphics

KUBOOM has a relatively simple but beautiful and sharp 3D graphics platform. The game also has many improvements in image stitching when upgrading 2D Pixel images to vivid 3D effects. With a series of funny maps, you will meet some famous maps of CS such as Dust 2. Each map will require specific tactics that you need to master.

MOD APK version of KUBOOM

MOD Features

  • Skins Unlocked
  • VIP Unlocked

How to change your skin

Step 1: To change your outfit, touch the character to open Customization.

Step 2: Choose the desired outfit.

Step 3: Select “In box” or “Price Tag”. A tick appear is successful.

Download KUBOOM MOD APK for Android

Overall, KUBOOM has a lot of elements to become one of the most popular shooting games. If you are looking for a fun shooting game with high entertainment, this is a perfect choice.



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