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Fall Dudes 3D APK

Fall Dudes 3D APK 1.2.2

Fall Dudes 3D APK cover

Fall Dudes 3D is a mobile version of Fall Guys, the very interesting battle royale game released on Steam on August 4. You can download the APK file of this game via the links below the article.

Overview information

Name Fall Dudes 3D
Package com.PepUpStudios.FallGuys3D
Publisher PepUp Studios
Version 1.2.2 (Latest)
Size 87M
MOD Features No
Requires Android 6.0

Introduce about Fall Dudes 3D


One word to say about the gameplay of Fall Dudes 3D is “fun”. Instead of using guns and fighting with other players on an island like other battle royale games, in this game, you don’t have to kill anyone. Hmm, that is not really true, however, you will defeat other players in a fun and very humorous way.

Fall Dudes 3D gameplay

Get inspired by two popular TV shows like Wipeout! and Takeshi’s Castle, Fall Dudes 3D takes you into some of the craziest races you’ve ever seen. You need to control your character running from the starting line to the finish line, that’s all. But do not think that this game lacks fun because real fun awaits you on the journey.

Each game has 40 players. You need dexterity, good reflexes and a little luck to be the winner in this game. Controls are also nothing complicated. You use the Joystick on the left side of the screen to control the character to move, the right is the jump key.


A race is divided into 5 minigames. To win, you need to make sure that you are not eliminated every round. In the first round, some players will have a bomb on their back. You need to run to other players to pass the bomb to them. After a minute the bomb goes off, you need to make sure you’re not among the people who own the bomb. Interestingly, right? Many times I have to stop in the first round when meeting experienced players. Hopefully, you will do better than what I experienced.

Fall Dudes 3D download

In the next round, you need to clearly remember the symbols on the door. Doors with icons appearing on the purple screen will open, and the remaining doors are walls. Things are starting to get a little more difficult.

In fact, Fall Dudes 3D is comprised of a lot of different minigames, and it changes every match. Never do you play two matches with the same order of the same minigames. In general, to win, you need to play as many times, remember the rules and some tips to beat other players in each minigame.

If you lose or get badly played by your opponent, don’t be too upset. Because the ultimate purpose of this game is fun. Right?


Fall Dudes 3D has colorful 3D graphics and extremely realistic physics, although it’s not as beautiful as the original PC game version. PepUp has succeeded in building a fun, humorous atmosphere to bring joy to the players. Even if you lose a ranking match, watching the main characters crumple with funny expressions will help you no longer feel frustrated.

Fall Dudes 3D graphics

Unlock skins

Every time you level up, you have a chance to unlock fun outfits for your character. A lot of interesting costumes like Batman, Deadpool, Western cowboy, Ninja are waiting for you to unlock. However, Fall Dudes 3D is not a “pay to win” game. The costumes also only give you a fun appearance, but do not give you an advantage over other players.

Maybe you don’t like

Currently, Fall Dudes 3D only has Online mode. There’s no AI, no practice room or a room for you to play with your friends. You can only practice by participating in matches and are constantly being defeated by the opponent. Hopefully, the publisher PepUp Studios will soon develop some other modes so that players can create a private room and play with their friends.

Currently, the game is only a pre-registered version. Therefore, it is inevitable that the game has some errors during the game.

Download Fall Dudes 3D APK for Android

If you see a guy sitting intently at his phone and then screaming and laughing, maybe he’s watching a horror movie or maybe he’s playing Fall Dudes 3D. With the goal of bringing fun to players, this game is very suitable for you to play with your friends every weekend.


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