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Dirty Revolver APK

Dirty Revolver APK 1.0

Dirty Revolver cowboy 1

You want to become a cowboy, travel around the wild west, kill bad guys and hunt for bounty? Download and install Dirty Revolver and discover the interesting story in this game.

Overview information

Name Dirty Revolver
Package com.Dreambox.RustyRevolver
Publisher Dreambox Visual Communications
Version 1.0 (Latest)
Size 285M
MOD Features No
Requires Android 5.0

Introduce about Dirty Revolver

Dirty Revolver is a brand new product of Dreambox Visual Communications that was just released in September 2020. Dirty Revolver is simply a shooting game based on skill, so success or failure is entirely in the ability to use guns and your timing.


Set in the wild west America of the 18th century, when the cowboys are still raging this land. Playing as a character with a sad childhood when witnessing his mother and brother being killed, only luck can help his father out of death. Growing up with hatred, it is time to avenge relatives, destroy Wesley (who is behind everything) and his henchmen. Overcoming fiery gun battles on many terrains, avenge your family and prove who is the strongest gunman in this land.


As mentioned, Dirty Revolver is a shooter, but unlike today’s hot FPS games that you have to run around the map to find items before fighting, the player’s task in Dirty Revolver is much simpler.

You and the enemy stand at two different fronts, each side has a solid barrier used to avoid bullets from the other. When there is no fight, the character will automatically find hiding places and only wait when there is an attack command from the player, the new character will exit the safe area to fire. But not only do you know how to hide but the enemy too, they will hide in places that block your range if you do not attack and only reveal your face when the gun barrel is directed at you. Choose timing wisely to defend and counter-attack, and a good strategy will lead you to victory.

Dirty Revolver cowboy 1

On the movies, we often see cowboys “one hit, one kill” gunfight, however, to transform into a game, this is a bit difficult to do. Instead, both you and the enemy have a certain amount of health, whoever gets hit and out of all the health first will die. Shooting in the head will double the damage compared to shooting at the body.

Some chapters in Dirty Revolver are somewhat different when recreating the legendary horse racing of the cowboys. Not only will the character show his ability to use guns, but the character will also show his skilful horse-riding skill through gun battles with enemies on horseback. Players will control them, find and defeat enemies. However, the rules here have a special feature that you cannot shoot at the opponent’s horse, just shoot people!

Tough challenges

To reach the ultimate goal of killing Wesley avenge his family, you have to go through many tough trials before. You will set out various missions to aim to weaken his army while opening up many secrets in this ambitious desert.

Dirty Revolver gameplay

You will operate on 4 different lands including ColdWater, SpringDay, DirtyCity and Darkwater. For those who love to follow the Dirty Revolver plot, each region opens up a chain of events that link together to form a story hidden behind this desert. What it is? Only you will know.

In terms of content, each land includes dozens of different chapters, which are different challenges that you must conquer. After every few chapters, the Boss appears and complete the land with a Big Boss, this is the key for you to unlock the next stage.

Upgrade weapons

Join Dirty Revolver, you will feel as if you are alone against the mafia. From start to finish there is hardly any support you can only move on by yourself. Therefore, upgrading firearms is paramount to survive in this environment.

Dirty Revolver gun

Each time you pass the challenge, the player will be rewarded with a sum of money, using that money to upgrade your own strength. Because the game is just released, Dirty Revolver doesn’t have a lot of things that can be upgraded. You can only buy more genuine guns with greater destructive power. The stats of damage, fire rate or load time are all listed in the store. But it seems that that part is still a bit less than a normal shooter game. Hoping that the publisher can later update more items so that players have more options when doing the task.


Dirty Revolver faithfully recreates the image of the remote American countryside in the past. In addition, the game is also equipped with a rich arsenal, although there are no unreal guns or “science fiction” guns, but also very complete with the western American cowboy scene.

How to install Dirty Revolver APK + OBB

  1. Download the game’s APK and OBB files.
  2. Extract the file “com.Dreambox.RustyRevolver.zip”.
  3. Copy the folder “com.Dreambox.RustyRevolver” to the folder “Android / obb”.
  4. Install the APK file.

Download Dirty Revolver APK for Android

Show your dexterity while helping the poor guy in the game to avenge his family. Dirty Revolver is priced at $ 0.99 on Google Play, but you can download and install it for free


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