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Clash of Clans (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Clash of Clans – a large-scale military tactical strategy with an expressive medieval style, complex elements of economic development and massive battles with siege equipment, foot soldiers and spellcasters. From the point of view of the available mechanics, it’s worthwhile to perceive the events taking place on the battlefields through the prism of the RTS genre – you will have to make decisions in real time, without tactical pauses. But there will still be plenty of time to “think” – new buildings are erected for a long time, resources are collected for hours and days, and to defeat opponents you cannot do without a balanced strategy, drawn on paper and thought out to the smallest detail.

 Atmosphere and events. In Clash of Clans, you will have to develop the settlement issued at the start, building up vacant land with new buildings to extract resources, and deal with opponents located in the neighborhood. And what task is easier to cope with is still a mystery.Adversarial elements. Massive battles are available as part of multi-user confrontations or in the form of duels with artificial intelligence, designed to steal resources and story advancement.
Social interaction.
As the founder of the genre, Clash of Clans prefers to tie interested strategists together. Chats, clans, guilds – those who want to conquer a virtual planet will have extensive diplomacy with the exchange of resources and ideas!
Private server. In addition to the official version of Flash of Clans, enthusiasts and experimenters offer to download a hacked distribution with unlimited resources, support for global teams and zones for tactical permutations. And, although the fruits of hacking cannot be transferred to the main Clash Of Clans server, sometimes it is easy to get enough of permissiveness in 15 minutes, and then again to command and win.


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